Wednesday, April 15, 2009

We just got done with Spring Break. We couldn't go any where because Chelsea had to complete her driving time with the instructor. She was tested and she passed. She is excited, on her birthday she can get her license. That will make two teenage drivers. Anybody have ideas on how to handle the upcoming conflicts with that?

We spent one day visiting with Bill, Glenda and McKayla. We chatted about this and that. Bill has been finding really good deals on things to remodel the Emery house with. He is trying to make it liveable. I told him a four wheeler trail needs to be built across the street. They made us dinner and with Mckayla's birthday coming up on the 13th of April we sang happy birthday to her and had cake and ice cream. We didn't get to see Jana. Bill tried to call her but she didn't answer her phone. That is too bad. I really wanted to see her. It has been a while. It sounds like she has a few boyfriends so I am sure she is busy.

Lindsey ask a guy to Sadies. I am amazed at how many girls choices there are. I am so old fashioned, I like it when the guy does the smoozing. Anyway, he said "yes". It's seems like we just got done with Prom now we are coming up on Sadies.

Brianna got a 4.0 last cemester. She is on the honor roll and received a high achievement award. She almost got a 4.0 last report card but one teacher gave her an A- so she is thrilled she made it this time. We are very proud of her accomplishment.

Candice is bursting at the seams waiting for her birthday on Friday. She is turning 9. She is growing up too fast for me. Her and I shared lunch at the birthday table yesterday. She is also excited about her upcoming dance performance but doesn't like the fact that her dress rehearsal is on her birthday. I was relieved when she opted for a bigger present and no party. We have had too many gatherings here lately. I welcome the break.

Mark went on his fishing trip down the Green River. He had a lot of fun and I was relieved he came home with all of his equipment. (Last year he lost his $300 rod and reel in the river). The fishing was good. It did get cold but that doesn't stop him.


  1. It sounds like everyone had a relaxing spring break. I bet chelsea just can't wait to have her driving freedom. But...she still has to wait until June. With Mark's, Brianna's, and Candice's birthdays all in April, I'm sure it is all about parties in your house. Tell everyone Happy Birthday for me!

  2. It sounds like everyone is happy and doing great at your house. We didn't have a problem with 2 teenage drivers in our house. Mainly becuase the boys went together to most of their stuff anyway. Hopefully, it will smoothly for you too.